Weekend Reading

June 13th 2021

Artist gardens

Enjoy this nice feature I came across this week guiding you through some of the beautiful gardens of famous artists from Apollo magazine here.

How rent is destroying Dublin

This piece in Tribune here is an old and very sad topic for me. There’s always a rent crisis in Dublin. It’s simply enraging and unjust but it never changes. I and most of my generation and everyone younger than us just had to live with it. Contrary to the new Bug mantra, we own nothing and we’re not one bit happy about it.

Reflections on the upheaval in France

The Upheaval newsletter by N. S. Lyons is really excellent and here is his latest. On the controversial letter written by the French generals he notes:

Again came exasperated reactions from many ministers and observers. But what is most remarkable, in my view, is how little enthusiasm most seemed to have for challenging the basic premises of the letters: that France is in a state of growing fracture and even dissolution. Instead, the focus of controversy was once again on the military taking a political position.

How to live without Google

If you’re a technological dummy and learning basic information about privacy is one of those things you keep putting off because it’s boring and you figure we’re probably all screwed on that front anyway, I highly recommend signing up to the Duck Duck Go Newsletter here anyway. It’s full of helpful advice which it summarizes neatly and doesn’t take forever to give you the basics of what you need to know. Plus it’ll remind you that this is a thing you need to do every time it lands in your inbox.

Here is a good example of a really quick way to de-Google your life.