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Washington's meddling is hardly "wreckless" -- I would rather term it "wreckful" :) (I beg forgiveness; pointing out typos is a dreadful habit, but I love it when they are inadvertently apropos.)

Letter from the USA: The propaganda machine has gone full bore over Ukraine/Russia -- I haven't seen it this bad since the "with us or against us" days in the lead-up to Iraq War II. It doesn't matter if one condemns Russia's resort to military force; pointing out that persistent US/NATO meddling in Ukraine over the past two decades is a major factor in how we got here will inevitably lead to one being smeared as a Putin apologist and told to "pick a side." Thank you for providing one of the few islands of sanity in an English-language internet presently gripped by jingoism.

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I can't speak for the E.U. since I haven't been there for a long while, but all this isn't the END of the World. Jeez!

Might even be for the best in the end. Borders matter, men matter. Globalists just got a bloody nose.

And a lot of Americans are not decadent...and have guns just in case some fool thinks he/she might like to invade.

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"....And what will become of the radicalised overproduced educated class who were promised a future of upward mobility in the knowledge economy? ...."

They will go into an NGO sandbox with the rest of the children of the elite.

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a very interesting insightful piece. In Australia we have abandoned most of our secondary industry such as car manufacturing. So we export raw materials, agricultural products, and the emphasis has been on developing technology and 'knowlege industries'. At the same time there has been growing class divisions in Australia.

I have no sophisticated understanding of economics but I regret this abandonment of secondary industry and the neoliberal economy we have doesn't seem secure. Also yes, the identity essentialism of many liberal or 'progressives' seems divisive and disconnected from the working classes concerns. It also can be easily integrated into a neoliberal society with many people left out of any benefit.

Your piece and another one I am reading : the Brazilianization of the world' by Alex Houchuli, both provide me fresh perspectives.

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