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What critics say

“Nobody is spared in Nagle’s razor-sharp critical probing: while she brings out the shared presuppositions and hidden complicity of the two reactions, she also clearly demonstrates how these reactions are grounded in the weakness of the liberal-democratic consensus itself.”

-Slavoj Zizek

“…taught me more about recent political events in a single rich evening of reading than I’ve learned in this entire last and very unpleasant year of obsessively monitoring cable TV, and confirmed for me something I’ve been feeling for a while now, namely that social media is a toxin we are gleefully and cluelessly injecting into ourselves, even as we ask, “Why are we getting so mean and stupid?”

- George Saunders

"Nagle is one of the brightest lights in a new generation of left writers and thinkers who have declared their independence from intellectual conformity"

-Catherine Liu

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Angela Nagle 

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