Under lockdown I decided to try playing the harp on my own. Here’s what I learned.
Can someone please prove me wrong about culture being dead?Recently I wrote some shower thoughts about why we seem to have stopped producing good culture. Our clothes are bland or just ugly. The movies a…
Rest In Peace
Review of Roman Szporluk's Communism and Nationalism, Karl Marx Versus Friedrich List (1988)
Friedrich ListListen now (18 min) | A few thoughts on the man who developed the national system of political economy
4th July 2021
One British art historian claimed that geographic permanence is the precondition for great culture and today we have neither
27th June 2021
Everyone else has one so why can’t I?
The end of books and new communities
June 13th 2021
Exposed by the fight against populism, the 20th century secular clerisy have made new enemies